Rehoboth Courts (SOLD OUT) - Oyarifa

Our Rehoboth Courts project is a 25 acre development which comprises over 160 dwellings and is due to be completed in 2015. This project consists of single storey detached, semi-detached and 2 - Storey homes.

Situated close to the Aburi Mountains and less than an hour drive from the Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange, it will be the ideal estate to live and commute to work in Accra. As a gated community, we will have in addition to the residential accommodation a club house, retail shops and recreational facilities. A unique combination of these amenities and services offers you convenience and eliminates much of the stress associated with travelling on our congested roads to undertake the most basic of errands. The estate will have lush green environs and tarred roads with easy access to Accra and the Eastern Region. It will be the community that will guarantee your convenience, security and absolute peace of mind. This has now sold out

Rehoboth Hills (NOW SELLING) - Oyarifa

A charming breathtaking view of the Aburi Mountains, the massive 108 acre lush green scenery will capture your mind as you make your drive up to Rehoboth Hills. Located just 5 minutes from Adenta; Rehoboth Hills is where the beauty and serenity of nature has been fused with elegant architectural craftsmanship and design to create an environment that will not only take care of your housing needs but we believe will also add value to your life.

Come and choose from our houses starting from 3 Bedroom fully detached houses in a fully gated community with 24-hour security, constant water supply, tarred roads, underground drainages, recreational facilities, etc.

Rehoboth Vale - Ayi - Mensah

A vale is an area surrounded almost completely by the mountains of the moon

A beautiful and well planned community with a picturesque view from the foot hills of the Aburi Mountains. Located in the peaceful town of Ayi-Mensah, a 10minute drive from Adenta; off the Adenta-Aburi highway, Rehoboth Vale will be on over 20 acre fully gated community comprising magnificently crafted modern houses, paying the closest attention to the minutest of detail from the foundation to the overall finishing of the houses. The community will have a lush green environment with amenities such as tarred roads, constant water supply, security, recreational facilities amongst others.